Holland Strawberry House

Holland Strawberry House

The architecture of Holland Strawberry House reverts to a centuries- old Dutch tradition . The so-called     'Cape Dutch Style' with the typical white gables in combination with the black tiled roof was developed by Dutch farmers in the Cape Province, South Africa.

Nowadays, it is mainly Cape wineries that are located in these beautiful buildings. We are inspired by the international pioneering spirit of South African farmers. Strawberry seeds from Holland Strawberry House also find their way all over the world. The F1 hybrid strawberry varieties of ABZ Seeds are obviously used by strawberry growers, but our varieties also become very popular in the garden industry. The gardener appreciates our varieties not only for its excellent taste, but increasingly also for the beautiful colors of the flowers.

Dutch sculptor Hans ' t Mannetje carved a beautiful stone for our Holland Strawberry House. The spell in the stone speaks for itself: 'Aardbeien bij de Vleet' which means: 'an abundance of strawberries'. This facade stone fits into an old Dutch tradition of carved stones indicating the profession of the resident.

The artist painter Shunyam let her particular view of strawberries come to life in a wall painting with multi-colored strawberries. The warm strawberry feeling is also reflected in the title of this work of art:                  

Strawberries make my heart beat !

Every year we receive many visitors from all countries around the world in our Holland Strawberry House. The impression we hope to give to our visitors is that ABZ Seeds is a ' Dutch company which offers excellent tasty strawberries'. We hope you will have the same opinion after tasting our strawberries. 

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Holland Strawberry House